What do we stand for

We want to make a difference – we will talk to you to find out what you would like to see change or develop within the skills and competencies within the organisation and then work with you to design a solution which will help you to get the change you're looking for.

Professional and practical input – we are an Institute of Leadership and Management accredited centre, so all of our facilitators and trainers are at a specific professional standard with all having had managerial experience at the relevant level. This results in programmes that delegates relate to, they can transfer learning into the workplace, and can ask the 'challenging' questions of the facilitators knowing that they will get a 'real' rather than textbook answer in return.

Honesty – if we think that the development option you are looking at might not give you the results you are seeking, then we will talk it through with you. At the heart of the organisation is a desire to provide you with solutions that help you to get the end result you want and need rather than training for training sake.

Partnership – to help us to help you get what you want and need from any development solution the critical part is how we interact with you. We believe that you understand your people and organisation better than we do. What we will bring is a questioning approach and expertise in different development techniques. This includes training your own staff to deliver programmes. We want to be as cost effective for you as possible.

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About Nationwide Training

Our aim is to help you

  • Get the development you want and need
  • Through adding value to your discussions, relative to your budget
  • To ensure you have sustainable results with impact.
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