Terms and Conditions

Summary of Standard Terms and Conditions of Business

Copyright Protection

Nationwide Training's concepts, processes, methodology, techniques and materials are copyrighted. They cannot be therefore modified or reproduced without advance specific written permission of an authorised representative of Nationwide Training.

Programme Costs

In accordance with the proposal that we send to clients detailing our recommendations.

Terms of payment and invoicing

Invoices are due for payment within 30 days of receiving the invoice (unless agreed otherwise as part of the proposal).


Where expenses are incurred in addition to project costs, accommodation costs (including meals), and any additional expenses incurred on the clients behalf whilst completing the project will be recharged at cost. (e.g., room, equipment hire, purchase of materials, use of third party suppliers, etc.)


Where applicable, travel by car is charged at 40 pence per mile. Travel by other modes of transport is recharged at cost.

Project cancellation, postponement or termination

The client may at any time cancel the project, or part of it. The instructions will only be valid if received in writing, giving 28 days notice of termination.

If a project is cancelled then a cancellation fee will be charged, together with any expense incurred but uncharged at that time, or incurred as a result of cancellation, i.e., third party cancellation charges.

Cancellation fees are calculated on the following scale :-

More than 3 months notice - 0% of outstanding project fees

2-3 months notice - 25% of outstanding project fees

1-2 month notice - 50% of outstanding project fees

Less than 1 months notice - NO REFUND OF FEES


Postponement of general consultancy and training course fees are calculated on the following scale:

2 months notice - 15% of planned and allocated work project fees

1 months notice - 25% of planned and allocated work project fees

2 weeks notice - 50% of planned and allocated work project fees

1 weeks notice - 75% of planned and allocated work project fees

Less than 1 week - 100% of planned and allocated work project fees.

Any variation to these scales must be subject to agreement in writing between both parties.


We undertake to treat confidentially any information we may obtain regarding present or future business activities of the client. This obligation also devolves upon all employees and Associates of Nationwide Training Limited individually.


Full details of the Terms and Conditions will be incorporated in the Contract for Training Services.

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