Tracey Barr

Tracy BarrTracy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist with over 20 years experience as a Consultant specialising in identifying and developing potential. Her expertise lies in helping individuals and organisations to understand what skills and behaviours are required to be successful, and then to identify personal strengths and development needs so that they can be harnessed and developed in the most effective way. She is a qualified and experienced Executive Coach and works independently with her own clients, while also serving as an Associate for a number of organisations including Henley Business School, Cranfield Business School, and Nationwide Training Ltd.

Projects include

  • Supporting a large financial services business through organisational restructure and change. This involved designing and running a leadership development programme for the top 200 managers (including leadership seminars, 360 degree feedback and personal coaching). Other tasks included designing a range of tailored assessment and development centres, training interviewers and assessors, providing one-to-one assessment feedback and development planning.
  • Leadership Development for 500 Partners in one of the ‘big 4’ Accountancy firms. This involved facilitating a two day leadership workshop and providing one-to-one coaching, drawing on 360 degree feedback and psychometric profiles.
  • Facilitating a large scale Leadership Programme for an international IT client. Over 2000 managers attended modules including ‘challenging conversations’, ‘leadership’ and ‘team working’. The leadership module included 360 degree feedback based on the organisation’s leadership competency framework.
  • Supporting the development of a Leadership Board in a National Research organisation. This was completed using a blend of individual, team and organisational development activities, and drawing specifically on 360 feedback and MBTI profiles.
  • Working with a UK government agency providing 360 degree feedback and personal development coaching as part of a Leading Change Programme. The requirement was to conduct two feedback/coaching sessions with individuals. The first shared the 360 feedback report and identified potential strengths and areas for development; the second drafted a Personal Development Plan that was relevant and meaningful to the individual and that they felt committed to.
  • Facilitating individual and team development for an industrial manufacturing organisation using 360 degree feedback, structured interviews and psychometric profiles (MBTI and OPQ). Based on the diagnosis of needs, a selection of development modules was designed.
  • A facilitator on the Henley Coaching Certificate supporting the development of Coaches. Involved delivering input sessions, demonstrating coaching techniques and facilitating group learning and supervision.
  • Designing and running Coaching Skills development programmes for Managers in organisations as well as for teachers and Deputy Heads in the Education sector. This included establishing a reflective learning and supervision process to support ongoing development within schools.

She has been particularly effective in helping clients to recognise their ‘natural’ or ‘preferred’ style of leadership and then explore and develop a wider range of approaches to suit different individuals and situations. She provides frameworks to help individuals think about differences in thinking style, communication, problem solving, managing conflict, influencing and leadership. Her style is positive, constructive and supportive; this has been appreciated particularly when working with 360 degree feedback, Assessment/Development Centre data and psychometric profiles. She helps clients to recognise and appreciate personal strengths and to identify development themes so that they can maximise effectiveness and develop their own authentic leadership style. She works collaboratively with clients to ensure leadership development is focused, tailored, effective and will achieve both personal and organisational goals.

Recent clients include

Natural Environment Research Council, British Telecom, KPMG, Borough of Poole, Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, ABN Amro, Fujitsu Services, Ordnance Survey, Memery Crystal Law Firm, Guinness (Ireland Group), Sunseeker International, Wiltshire Council and Dorset Health Trust.

Qualifications include

She holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology, is a Chartered Member of The British Psychological Society, and is certified (Levels A and B) to administer a range of personality, ability and aptitude measures, including MBTI, FIRO-B, 16PF, CPI, Wave, MAPP and OPQ. She is an accredited Coach, (Henley Coaching Certificate) and recently achieved a distinction in a postgraduate certificate in Coaching Supervision at Oxford Brookes University.

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