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LVEWe were asked to coach a senior individual who has great potential within the organisation. The programme was to help the individual as part of a talent management programme.

Coaching a star performer

Helping an individual get ready for the next step – having been identified as a talent within the organisation, this individual’s line manager wanted him to have access to coaching to help him ‘get ready’ for the next step, whatever that might be. It was important for the organisation that the individual was able to supplement his delivery reputation with softer skills. This was especially the case regarding how he interacted with peers and individuals in other areas of the business. He needed to learn how to ‘play the game’ and become more ‘savvy’ in terms of how he read the organisational map.

How we helped him

The coach spoke with both the individual and their line manager to gain a greater understanding regarding where the person could benefit from further development. The result of this was a ‘contract’ that detailed key objectives for the programme which was to involve six sessions over a twelve month period.

Throughout the programme the role of the coach changed – encompassing a critical friend, sounding board, and psychologist (regarding the use of various tools to help expand an already informed degree of self awareness within the individual).

The use of reading lists were also helpful, and the individual themselves was ‘sponge like’ in their thirst for both knowledge and how to apply it. The coach was able to steer the individual who then took full responsibility for his own learning and how he critically interacted with the material. On many occasions he only needed slight prompting as he had a wealth of resources to bring to each session.

Combining this with a very supportive manager was equally essential. The individual’s line manager helped him to further embed what was being explored within the coaching sessions, giving valuable feedback to both the individual and coach throughout the programme.

Together we were able to help develop the areas highlighted in the original objectives, and enable the individual to further enhance their reputation within both his functional area and the business as a whole, including at Executive Board level.

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