ILM endorsed development programmes

What is an Endorsed Programme?

It is a programme designed and delivered by us and recognised by the ILM. In order for the programme to qualify it needs to be more than TEN hours’ in duration, and based on general or specific areas of management and/or leadership, or coaching/mentoring. It's aim needs to be to enhance or develop the knowledge and/or skills of managers/ leaders/coaches/mentors within their own organisations. The title of the programme must accurately reflect this management, leadership, or coaching content and context.

The programme must also include some form of participant assessment. This assessment should clearly relate to, or reflect, the objectives of the participant’s organisation, so that the organisation draws direct benefits from the programme.


What is a Development Programme?

A Development Programme is largely the same as an Endorsed Programme, but the distinction is that participant assessment is NOT required. NO indication of programme duration appears on the ‘certificate’ issued to successful participants. It will not normally be possible to provide any indication of level for Development Programmes. Some Development Programmes do include assessment but this is not a component of the ILM approved programme.

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