ILM coaching qualifications

Our coaching qualifications focus on enhancing individual's skills so that they can motivate, engage, and better lead the people around them - getting more from less!

We believe that coaching has a fundamental part to play in increasing efficiency, effectiveness and innovation - helping organisations and individuals manage and lead change.

The qualifications we offer help individuals at different stages of their careers, and at different levels within an organisation.

our ILM coaching qualifications

Level 3 – Level 3 qualifications focus on first line managers, or those starting out on their freelancing career.

Level 5 – Level 5 qualifications are for middle managers, or those who are experienced as coaches and are looking to enhance their skills.

Level 7 – Level 7 qualifications are for senior individuals, or those highly experienced as executive level coaches and mentors.

Why the ILM – the ILM qualifications focus on applying coaching techniques in a practical setting. They therefore include an element of supervision, dependent upon the qualification. This helps to make sure that coaches qualifying with us have the support they need to undertake coaching in line with best practice - focused on making a real difference to those they coach.

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