Case Study Commonwealth Secretariat

Common wealth SecretariatThe Commonwealth Secretariat is an international intergovernmental agency, committed to democracy and development within Commonwealth countries. They asked us to provide Career Management support for all non-diplomatic staff in the Head Office in London.

The programme

What they needed:

  • Due to changes in working practices we were asked to support individuals leaving the organization by providing a programme aligned with their culture and values.
  • The provision needed to be cost efficient, deliver a high level of support, and be flexible enough to encompass the varying needs of individuals within the organisation.

How we helped:

  • Our support was delivered through individual and group workshops, adapting to meet the changing needs of individuals.
  • We put in place pre and post programme evaluation to continually refine what was required and to assess the success of the support afterwards.
  • The programme included a mixture of group sessions to cover the basic techniques and core principles of career management, and individual coaching sessions to tailor help in a more focused way.
  • This meant that delegates gained the best of both worlds - sharing knowledge and experience, and then using it in a practical way to meet their specific needs.

Benefits realised as a result of the programme:

  • Individual’s motivation increased noticeably, generated through improved feelings of self-worth. We focused on using practical tools alongside empathy to help individuals be in the ‘right place’ mentally and emotionally to find work; helped them to ‘move on’. As a result, individuals were able to come to terms with this in a positive manner.
  • Many participants suffered from an understandable lack of confidence. - our competency approach helped them to focus on their achievements, reinforcing their strengths and what transferable skills they had.
  • Participants completed the programme with a realistic picture of their capabilities, and what they needed to do to progress to the next step.
  • They found themselves more likely to gain interviews and achieve their next position.
  • This assignment called for a empathetic, tactful and positive approach; the programme’s success implies that these expectations were realised.

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