1:1 coaching services

Working with individuals:

Matching is one of the most important elements that impacts the success of the coaching programme. An individual needs to feel that the coach can help them and the coach needs to feel that they can add value. This is one of the main reasons that we work with a wide selection of coaches. This initial meeting is also FREE.

The programme itself

  • This starts with an initial meeting with the individual and their line manager / HR. This is to ensure that everyone is aware of what is to be achieved through the programme. Objectives and goals for the coaching are then agreed.
  • The programme then starts, and is reviewed constantly by both individuals to record / notice progress. Through the sessions we encourage individuals to become self-coaches - our programmes are finite. This means that all our coaches are practised in the art of sensitive yet challenging questioning, especially regarding individuals thought processes and actions.
  • During the programme we check in from time to time with their line manager to see how they're progressing. This enables the coach to gain a fuller perspective and better help the individual.
  • At the end of the programme we review progress with both the individual and their line manager / HR. This is an important part which emphasises to all parties what has been achieved, and what support may be needed after the programme to continue the development / learning.

Confidentiality is an essential ingredient. It's important that individuals can trust their coach. Information around goals is shared with the organisation, anything else is up to the individual being coached, unless it contravenes law or regulations, and then we'll discuss the way forward with the individual.


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