Andrea has a wealth of HR experience to draw upon and has a tailored, personable approach allowing you to rapidly build a relationship of trust - something that is vital to the success of the outplacement support. I found her to be immensely personable and very flexible in her approach to supporting me. She helped rebuild my confidence, to understand the value of my strengths and experience and to examine and address areas where I was less strong. Perhaps the strongest indication I can give of the value of Andrea's services is the fact that only 5 weeks after being made redundant I have secured a fabulous role and my career can continue, virtually un-interrupted.

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was inclusive, sensitive, encouraged participation, was accessible and "read the room" very well. Liked the SDI tool a lot, was grounded in reality and able to be completed in a half-day, but was very very perceptive and revealing

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Best training I have ever been on. Developed new skills, self-awareness and a deeper understanding of others...Everything we learnt has been linked

to the practical application within the context of Amnesty – has meant it’s been instantly useable on the return to work...Increased confidence in role and changed the way I think about enabling different individuals – approach now more tailored to the person rather than the task.

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I think the duration of the coaching introduced a certain flexibility and fluidity which allowed the areas of focus to change over time. Insight, approach (techniques) & direction for dealing with opportunities – Just being able to discuss current 'issues' and get a different perspective has proven invaluable.

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