Senior Manager | Level 7

This qualification is for senior and practised managers / leaders and coaches.

Certificate in Executive Coaching and Leadership Mentoring aims to equip practising senior leaders and managers or those working in a training and development role with the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effectively as coaches and mentors as part of their normal leadership and management role.

Coach Profile at this level

Senior managers and leaders are normally appointed to the role because they have already demonstrated high standards of performance in the occupational role that (at least some of) their team fulfil. Obviously in work groups containing a variety of skills, senior managers can usually only be expected to be competent in some of them. This high standard of performance is often a criterion for promotion to their current role.

Because of their expertise, senior managers may be expected to help others develop similar levels of competence, and this can include coaching individuals. This qualification is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required by senior managers in undertaking this responsibility.

Coaching and mentoring for senior managers and leaders is defined as the process of enabling individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform effectively in their occupational role by motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating and guiding them. The coach must be able to recognise the needs of individuals being coached, develop coaching programmes appropriate to meet those needs, and help individuals to achieve to their full potential.

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