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Assessment CentresFor many organisations assessment centres help to avoid costly recruitment mistakes. They enable the hiring managers to see more of an individual in terms of how they operate, interact with others, and handle certain aspects of the role.

To maximise the impact of this we work with you to fine tune what is required, helping design exercises that are directly relevant to the role, providing an invaluable insight into the potential employees capabilities. Working with internal teams in an advisory capacity also means that we keep costs down.

What do they involve?

A variety of exercises – An Assessment Centre is a method of recruitment that incorporates a number of exercises that ask candidates to demonstrate skills rather than describe them as they would in an interview. Typically they involve a mix of individual exercises and group work or presentations / panel discussions that are closely matched to the needs of the role and the culture of the organisation / department.

Examples include:-

  • Presentation on a defined topic prepared either prior to or as part of the Assessment Centre
  • Analysis of data highlighting key points in a recommendations paper / report
  • Panel discussion on certain topics, given to the participants prior to the exercise
  • Psychometric tests such as personality profiling, aptitude tests, critical thinking.


As much as you need us to do – We can do as much or as little as needed, working with your internal teams. This helps to minimise cost as well as use the knowledge and expertise you have in-house to make the exercises relevant and valid to your organisation. We can work with you to quality assure the assessments, making sure that all exercises are mapped to the skills and behaviours required by the role, and that the marking is open and transparent. We can observe, or help those internal individuals in this role, and then conduct a ‘wash-up’ session with all observers and markers, to collate the information into summary reports including highlighting key areas for probing in interviews if this is the next step.

We only use trained professionals – We use only trained professionals to carry out these services, so you can trust in our professionalism as well as our pragmatic approach.

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