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Development centres can help an organisation become more cost efficient during restructuring, helping ensure that the right person is in the right role. They differ to assessment centres as they’re for individuals already within an organisation who’ve been selected as having the potential for promotion, or as part of a restructure programme. The aim is to identify individuals who are ready for promotion, as well as what development activities will help them be effective as quickly as possible. For others, it’s a chance to benchmark themselves against the needs of a more senior role and to identify what they’d need to develop to be successful in the future. It’s a great learning experience for all.


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Use a variety of assessments – this allows individuals to show a range of skills and abilities in the various exercises. This means that they can provide a more comprehensive overview of an individual’s strengths and limitations than any single method such as an interview. The use of multiple exercises also helps them to be more objective, using a variety of opinions rather than relying on one person’s interpretation, especially if this person has previous ‘knowledge’ of the individual.

The fact that we use a variety of assessments means that we can focus on all aspects of the role. The key to success is the ability to get applicants to show what they can do rather than simply use scientific measures and pyschometric testing.

Designing a centre – working with you, we’ll design a centre which uses exercises that are tailored to the needs the role, helping you to fully test the potential capability of candidates as well as identifying where you could support them in the future to help with succession planning and talent management strategies.

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