leadership lessons learnt from geeseThere has never been a more important time to assess leadership capability within organisations. People have higher expectations now than ever before, prefering to be led rather than ruled. Our leadership programmes help organisations better equip their staff to handle the leadership challenges of today, enabling reflection and action.


Modern Leadership

Change – A key element for any leader is how they lead through change; how they handle the change themselves; how they bring people with them even when times are tough. Being the role model for the organisation / team / individual is a critical element, and one we explore in all of our development activities. The economic situation is turbulent, and with globalisation this is likely to continue. There are ever increasing numbers of stakeholders - the internet has opened things up so if there isn't congruence between what the organisation says it stands for, and people's experiences of it then this will become evident.

Innovation – in order for organisations to succeed, leaders need to be able to encourage innovation - to listen and challenge the status quom instead of 'it's always been done this way'. The need to question and engage, alongside the humility to seek the views of others will help effective leaders stand out. Our programmes look to explore this, helping participants remain open to innovation - not just from themselves.

Emotional Intelligence – is a key element in today's leaders - emotional intelligence is more important than IQ. In today's business world it's important that a leader understands their impact on others, can engage with them seeing things from other perspectives, and is able to manage their own emotions, even in difficult times.

Ability to deal with complexity – moving forward organisations will need leaders who can cope with complexity. The challenges faced often no longer have a 'right' answer, and individuals need to be able to make decisions.

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