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observing to help you answer your questionsTeam coaching is a process where a coach helps guide a group to explore their key issues by ‘holding up the mirror’ and reflecting what they are observing to help move the discussion forward, challenge assumptions, and encourage reflection on how the group is working.




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Training involves an element of input on a particular topic or issue; the trainer has pre-defined outputs required from the event. In group coaching, the issues and challenges are whatever the individuals bring to the session. The coach then helps prompt discussion, challenge by looking at alternative ways of viewing something, or by using tools which the group then uses with the coach being ‘hands off’. Their role is more of an active observer rather than guide or ‘teacher’.

In times of change, our coaches can help teams to explore what the ‘worst’ could be and what the ‘best’ could look like, making this clearer and more tangible, maximising the impact of our resources in terms of helping them with their vision and strategies to help move them and the organisation forward. Team coaching helps maximise leverage of this by bringing together a number of individuals rather than operating in isolation through the individual. This can therefore effect change more quickly as well as provide a useful support network for the individuals themselves. They walk away with shared goals and purpose which presents a united front to the rest of the organisation, using the talents and skills inherent within the group to help them move forward and understand each others strengths and challenges.

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